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It’s our mission and our passion

For us, it’s not just about the technology, but what technology can do to help you run your nonprofit better,
stretch your dollars further, and make a bigger difference in the community.

Give to 501cTECH this holiday season and
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Help us expand our reach!

In an effort to help improve the work of even more nonprofits in the Washington, DC area, 501cTECH is asking its current partner organizations to share their 501cTECH experiences with other local nonprofits in return for some great benefits.

As a reward for helping 501cTECH broaden its impact, if your referral becomes a client, their first month’s balance will be applied as a credit to your current monthly bill at the time of signing. This credit can’t exceed your bill, but it could cover all of it!

If you know of any DC-area nonprofits that could use some IT support, let us know through to the Referral Program Page and we’ll reach out to see how we can help.


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